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Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014, 10:31

OpenATV-4.1-dm500hd SSL #84d by gjstroom

After the long TEST with openATV 4.0 now comes openATV 4.1

Major updates are in the build environment of openATV 4.1 we moved to the new open Alliance Build 2.2

* Bitbake 1.23.1
* OE-Core May 2014
* Speed Up build up to 40%
* over 500 Updates in Linux Tools
* first-ever use of a mysql DB for the build
* Improve the quality of the build and better error monitoring
* Automatic detection of updates in the source and automatic rebuild of the dependencies in the build tree
and much more !

This image is a 100% build from OpenATV source code.
You can safely use the online update function, I tricked the driver date 100 years in the future so the present (and working) drivers are not overwritten during update.
I added the secret-feed (softcams) and changed the default language to US. It's a 100% clean image !

Please note: The image is still under development, so don't expect everything to work.

I recommend to do no online updates at the moment

source: 20140525
drivers: 20131001 (patched)
bootloader: ssl84d
size: 55.1Mb
skin: MetrixHD

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