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Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010, 20:45

MediaPlayer - Deluxe v0.5


MediaPlayer - Deluxe v0.5

- Preview function for audio / video / photo (just select file and 5s) are waiting
- With the Info button you can view details of audio / video / photo file
- The Menu button can be player in-/fade specific and therefore also by a current equal to the full screen preview
- By pressing the OK button, the files are then played back with the right players
- With bouquet up / down button you can jump easily between file and directory selection back and forth.
- Screen saver for MP3 playback. Simply MVI files into the / usr / saver pack Verzehcinis wink
- With red / green / yellow jumps out to her between Audio / Video / Picture mode and forth (including audio / video button is)
- Blue button for settings!
- The Stop button can preview or playback will be stopped at any time
- Last folder in which you have been you will germekt themselves.

- Bugs:
- Info button displays information only from the currently playing event, not from the labeled in the list.

Requests for future versions:
- Audio Players expand (Shuffle / Repeat / playlists)
- In addition intergrieren VLC player plugin!?
- In addition intergrieren DVD Player plugin!?
- HELP button - Help and About Info View
- Better support for *. ts dateian HDD (as in the movie player halt DMM)
- Favorites and Playlists


Once your IPKG the package via FTP into your / tmp folder you copied, you can install this plug on Geminis Blue Panel or via Telnet with the following commands:

ipkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediaplayerdeluxe_0.5_mipsel.ipk

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