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Donnerstag, 5. April 2012, 13:20

Cubic 1.2.0 VU+ Duo

Cubic 1.2.0 VU+ Duo

Cubic 1.2.0 VU+ Duo English:
VU+ with 3.1.1 Kernel
Driver Date: 28.02.2012
OE Date: 28.032012
DVBAPP Date: 28.03.2012
Neu: Cubic HD Skin
Neu: Cubic Panel has now a version specification (Currently, the panel v.1.2.4)
Neu: Cubic Panel About shows now some image information more (Imageversion, Branch, Kernel, Hardwaretype)
Neu: Menu to run directly Scripts on the panel Cubic
Neu: Cronmanager to execute scripts timebased
Neu: ext4 Support (New devices are now formated as ext4 Formats)
Neu: Crashlog Reporter - Crashlogs sends directly to the developers from Cubic (at Cubic Panel Disabled. You kann activated them if you want use this)
Neu: Shareinfobar with gbox Support (On / Off switchable)
Neu: Own Second Infobar (If a foreign Skin will bring the part will be ignore our SecondInfoBar)
Neu: epg.dat can be stored on USB
Neu: openWebIF in the Image
Fix: Cam is active display shows nothing if no cam is active. Now displays "no cam running"
Fix: If the CamName is too long, this entry is cut off
Fix: Some translations in Cubic Panel
Fix: Information function in the device manager now works
Änderung: Offline Installer has now a GUI restart query
Änderung: Online Addon Installer has now a GUI restart query when an addon was installed or updated.
Änderung: Altered newsfeed reader
Änderung: Modified software manager (Shows now modules and settings)
Änderung: New Swap Managment
minor fixes in various files!
unnecessary Pyhton code in our files deleted
Support of VU+ Backupsuite (Plug-in is on the feed)
Support of nano
ONLY on Cubic VU+ (Not on Cubic Dreams) : Support for relative skin coordinates ( 'c' and 'e' ) Thanks at pieterg for the Patch

Thanks to all users who give us their feedback.
Thanks to the group of Beta Testers.
Thanks to all supporters in the background.
Thanks to openee for the Basecode of the DeviceManager.
Thanks to the project E2OpenPlugins. We hope we will soon be able to give something back to the Community.
Thanks to pieterg for his relative Coordinates Patch .
Thanks to vlamo for nice Ideas and good Work.
Säfte haben 12 Vitamine! Naaaaa und! Jägermeister hat 56 K[/B]





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